Jul 252010

In the form of decals. That’s right, that MGS/FME crossover we mentioned some time ago turns out to be Foxhound and MGS logos attachable to your customized Wanzer as reveled in the promo video seen after the jump:

Well, we were expecting more than just a few extra logos, but the short bonus game play trailer kind of makes up for the disappointment.

[via: Kotaku]

  • Anonymous

    I have a hard time believing THIS is what they felt they had to keep secret up until now. Hopefully there is more, otherwise why even bother? There was supposed to be something for Peace Walker's end as well, wasn't there?

  • http://www.ravenrepublic.net Lord Leperman

    Yeah I know how you feel. Its like expecting an awesome toy from a happy meal, only to get bent cardboard cutouts of Ronald and Grimace.

    I think a lot of people are really expecting more especially because these are 2 big game franchises. That, and if FME allows you to create your own decals, then this crossover pretty much means moot since anyone can just create their own logos for their wanzers.

    There's probably more, and I'm really hoping there is. Like how Monster Hunter bosses get appearances in Peace Walker, FME should have some of the Metal Gears as bonus bosses, but this is quite unlikely given what's already reveled.