Jun 182010
FME gameplay

Here we see footage of a multiplayer demo of the upcoming mech shooter Front Mission Evolved coming from the recent E3 expo in the USA. Based on the trailer, we can definitely expect fast paced Wanzer gliding action, and a more arcade feel than an actual mech simulator. Of course, this is only a small preview of what to expect as Square Enix promises more in-depth tactical gameplay with the various Wanzer classes available to the player. Hit the jump for the video:

Will this be the definitive mech game title? What do you guys think?

  • fr33

    is this game would be for pc?

  • http://www.ravenrepublic.net Lord Leperman

    Multi-platform. PC, 360, and PS3.

  • fr33

    Awsome! :D I can't wait for it to come to pC :)

    This would be the best mech game for PC there wil be :L for the momment.

    I wish AC came for pc.