May 072010
Armored Core Last Raven Portable

Go grab it now on the PSN for $14.99, and re-live what many of the old-hat Ravens say is the best and last true Armored Core game ever made. See our coverage leading up to the release of the game for features and extras present in this incarnation of Armored Core from the appropriate tag.

  • Armored Core Portable player

    It would be more efficient if PACT 6 were to use this game port. It will be hassle free and will save some space since the console is in the contestants hands. Been wanting to join tourneys for quite sometime now, and since SL is now released for the PSP this is a great opportunity for me to join in on some contests and find some worth while challenges.

  • Grail

    I beg to differ, as a tourney using this port won't be all that efficient and hassle free, as you put it. Controls won't seem to be able to work for competitive play because the compressed buttons of the PSP significantly slow down reaction time, especially when the pilot needs to execute multiple actions at the same time like using extensions or dropping weapons while boosting.

    You wanna join tournaments, please introduce yourself in the forums first.

  • NiX

    The Japanese, with the backing of FROM itself, have been having ACp tournaments. They seem to be doing fine.

    We've considered the PSP, of course. Having so many new parts doesn't hurt either.