May 262010
Red AC

Though updates are irregular, Armored Core: Limit Release is shaping up to be a nice working fangame. The game uses the Unreal 3 game engine, and at the moment the game has a few rendered parts for in-game demonstrations and will eventually feature AC customization (The famous Karasawa series of laser rifles is at least confirmed to be in the game). At its current state it is still far from playable, but given the work progress and the animations presented, Armored Core: Limit Release promises to deliver an authentic Armored Core experience as seen in the trailer after the jump: Continue reading »

May 232010

Dare I say that I’m screaming like a fangirl along Otome Road? This scanned picture from the latest issue of Hobby Japan (or Dengeki Hobby Magazine, we really couldn’t tell) shows what seems to be a planned model kit from Kotobukiya’s Variable Infinity line of Armored Core models. This next attraction comes in the form of the GA SUNSHINE, one of the default corporate sponsored ACs available to the player in Armored Core 4 and Armored Core: For Answer. The kit appears to feature two bazookas and two missile packs, though this may change as time goes by. No plans for a release date as of the moment, but it is definitely something to look out for if you want an AC on the heavy side.

Thanks J.E. for making us go Kyaaa~.

[via: Super Robot War]

May 222010
Yes, there are boobies on the trailer.

Yes, there are boobies in the game.

Pretty much the trailer that will sum up everything that one could expect from Front Mission Evolved (and possibly more given the screenshot). The new trailer features new in-game footage, developer interviews, and a better overall idea on what the game feels like. This possibly shows and tells more about the game besides playing Front Mission Evolved itself. Hit the jump for the new trailer: Continue reading »

May 202010

Being a track-based AC in Armored Core has several advantages, one of them being the ability to mount and fire some of the game’s biggest back-mounted cannons while you’re on the ground, and in the air.

In fact, some weapons only really kick you in the balls when they’re mounted on treads. And no other weapon best exemplifies this than the chain gun, at least during their heyday in Armored Core 3. Feared for their combination of shot velocity, stopping power, and rate of fire, the chain gun was like a machine gun on steroids. Continue reading »

May 172010

Ever wondered who the little chibi girl on the side of some articles? She’s no other than Sophie Emilia, Raven Republic’s very own covergirl created by none other than our very own Trace. For this summer illustration, Sophie is in the mood for soaking up some rays. Can you tell which AC core part resembles those patterns on her top?

Thanks Trace for creating another wonderful piece. You may want to look at more pictures of the lovely Sophie under the appropriate tag.

May 172010
Get ready for an upset...

Get ready for an upset…

The Final Pulverizer is a big blue menace. Fast, hard hitting, and nigh unstoppable for the rookies of Armored Core, it fittingly deserves the position of being the final boss of Armored Core Last Raven (Once the player unlocks all missions and ending paths).

Sure there are various methods of defeating Armored Core Last Raven’s secret boss for the series’ veterans (The seemingly useless Parry Blades for example), but by far the ballsiest way to kill the damn thing is by using nothing more than the starter AC. This also works for players seemingly strapped for cash in-game (how you run out of money at this point of the game, we don’t know). Hit the jump for the video: Continue reading »

May 122010

We really didn’t know what to call it, and the name was just an impromptu of nicknames given by our forum members after witnessing the awesomeness of this issue of Now That’s An Armored Core. At first glance, it looks like a heavily modified Foxeye, similar to what Jack-O was piloting in Armored Core Last Raven, but numerous changes clearly differentiate this unit from the game incarnation.

One can see the top-notch weathering effects on the model as well as the addition of little rectangular blocks, which we would assume to be pieces of Reactive Armor, painstakingly attached to the various joints and limbs of this unit, as well as a CAMS attached to the ATLAS core part in addition to additional weapons. See more pictures after the jump: Continue reading »