Apr 292010
Wolverine would be so proud

“Wolverine would be proud”

Of all the weapons in Armored Core, none share the consistency that the Parrying Blades have ever since they were introduced. Consistent, that is, at being utterly useless. While all parrying blades can and will hurt you real bad if they ever connect, there lies the problem: IF they ever connect. Continue reading »

Apr 252010

This video simply brims with an awesome display of fireworks, Kojima Particles, missiles and beams that can only come together in a carefully choreographed display of timing, positioning, and probably having a little too much time in one’s hand playing Armored Core: For Answer, which leads to spectacular results. Simply put, a pyrotechnic and dance show unlike any other. Stuff like this makes synchronized swimming look like a joke.

Thanks Atdsutm for sharing this.

Apr 232010

The official From Software sponsored Armored Core Championship Tournament has completed its preliminary round for its 3rd season and uses the recently released Last Raven Portable on the PSP platform. The well documented tournament has a wonderful set of videos coming from the Kinki and Tokai prefectures of Japan as of the moment.

A quick look on the new videos reviles the absence of new parts included by From from any of the Portable series releases, which leads us to think that the top players in this tournament prefer tried and true formulas rather than embark on a risky experiment with their designs. In addition all the designs used the very powerful TP booster, which was banned in many tournament circles outside Japan as well as our very own Philippine Armored Core Tournament for the past 5 iterations. Much of the fights also boil down to a war of attrition, with hangared pulse weapons and handguns taking center stage.

Video links to the Armored Core Championship Tournament Season 3 after the jump:

Update: Results for Kanto area included Continue reading »

Apr 202010

Whether From Software really thought that two bazookas per AC was an unsatisfactory ratio of awesome, or whether somebody in their team had serious penis envy issues, we don’t know. What we do know is that the outcome of this brainstorming resulted in something equal parts WTF, and equal parts pure evil – the bazooka arms. Continue reading »

Apr 152010

Coming soon to a hobby store near you. Silent Line’s intro AC given the name Crest Assault Type (Known as Fracture in Last Raven’s VR arena) will be getting a plamo form as part of Kotobukiya’s Armored Core Variable Infinity series of model kits. The release date for this elegant model is expected to be on August 10 (undecided) this year. Actual build model after the jump: Continue reading »

Apr 142010

We reported a few weeks ago that Dengeki Online’s Armored Core Retribution’s ACs will be making an appearance in Last Raven Portable. So we dug up an old set of pictures on what these ACs look like in their original inception. Taken from Chara Hobby 2007 by Danny Choo, we hope you enjoy the pics of wonderful modeling. More pics after the jump: Continue reading »