Mar 062010

From released some concept art for the upcoming Armored Core 5 inside the AC Chronicle Art Works booklet that came with Last Raven Portable, which gives us a glimpse of what AC designs and what parts to expect in the upcoming game. From the looks of things, the designs seem a little more bulky and gritty compared to Armored Core 4 and For Answer. More pictures after the jump:

Thanks to J.E. Magog for the breaking heads up.

  • grog_magog

    I can't imagine how you can fit a pilot in a core that small.
    Maybe they are piloted by midgets now :(

  • alex

    i cant see the pictures :(

  • alex

    never mind..i got it

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  • Iblis

    If you can fit in a car, you can fit in that core…

  • o329o

    so is this the prequel to all of armored core or something?

  • aludrac

    All Armored Cores doesn't take place in the same universe. There are 3 different story lines (AC 1 – AC:AA, AC3 – AC:LR, and AC4 + FA). This game is starting over again and is unrelated to any of the previous games. It is like how there are a bunch of different Gundam universes that are kind of similar and all share Gundams in common but are otherwise different.

  • aludrac

    *All Armored Cores don't*

  • Anthony Palafox

    FROMSOFT does reboot the continuity for each game arc. It's quite possible that this might be set before or during the “Great Destruction” event that was mentioned heavily during the PS1 era.

    But then again, i won't really mind if it turns out otherwise.

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  • Intel-Qube

    Until the story is grasped, it will be difficult to place this game. Chronologically, this order makes the most sense: AC1, PP, MA, AC3, SL, NX, LR, FF, 4, FA, 2, AA. I stuck Formula Front in there because, assuming Alliance is victorious, the world is at piece and what better is there to do with ACs, than with sport? In the PSone ACs, those can be perceived on a different part of the earth completely, and would be difficult to mesh in with anything else. However, in AC3, humans finally break to the surface of earth. After decades we can see AC4 occurring, and then FA. In FA, it is mentioned that “assault cells” prevent humans from reaching space, these gets destroyed (on one of the endings.) Since those would be out of the way, humans could travel to space, and eventually mars, hence AC2 is at the end. It is also plausible to say (now excuse me if I miss anything, I only play the english games, some story might have been cut out) that AC4 and FA predate the great destruction or lead up to it. I say this because when the great destruction occurred much technology was lost, which could hypothetically “revert” nexts back into ACs. Not to mention that it is frequently stated in AC4 and FA that earth's surface is being contaminated by pollution and kojima particle exposure, which would make humans not in the cradles bunker underground. Can't wait for AC5!

  • fewafewaf