Jan 312010

Found over at Armored Core-Wiki. Looks like Nineball Seraph isn’t the only awesome bird in the sky. This heavily modded custom Aaliyah made by “Riyu Mu” (ゆむ) looks like it can dominate the heavens and rule over the throne held by Armored Core’s big bad guy. Safe to say, it’d be interesting what a four way battle will look like between this guy, Nineball Seraph, Crest Black Rain, and the Cronus Vestal. More pictures after the jump:

We’d gladly want to know who made this wonderful Aaliyah mod. Please let us know.

UPDATE: Professor Dire in the comments revealed that the nose is from the 1/100 scale version of the “Falken” from Ace Combat.

  • http://www.facebook.com/anthony.palafox Anthony Palafox

    FAPTASTIC! It's another mechgasm for RR's plamo-lovers!

  • Goat

    Holy fucking wow that's awesome. Mechgasmic!

  • mike

    were did they get or how did they made the custom parts?

  • James

    Well, I know for sure the new piece on the arm is from a Nineball Seraph model, since it matches perfectly with my models foot booster, but the wings and “nose” part of the ship is a mystery to me.

  • Frey Einhartz


    that's booster i think i recognize that. its from gundam seed destiny series, blaze zaku phantom 1/144 scale. and for the wing, i think its from gouf ignited or owashi akatsuki 1/144 scale.

  • hatii

    wings are from justice gundam

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CULAIFJ4U35WJFYWBTLLSVN2ZE Charlie

    Holy crap this mod blew my mind its so awesome O_O

  • Professor Dire

    The nose is from the 1/100 scale version of the “Falken” from Ace Combat.

    • http://ravenrepublic.net NiX

      Thanks! Lemme add that info.

  • L_g_ring

    AC name:シェイプシフター(Shapeshifter)

  • G_Core

     Awesome mixture of Armored Core and Gundam parts!!!… this unit should be classified as a “G-Core Unit!”

    Guns are from Noblesse Oblige kit, lower torso conjoined to the Aaliyah frame upper torso fascinates me.

  • AceTriad

    Wow, the airplane mode is like the Scavenger from ACV. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/david.domosh David Domosh

    Wish they would make the AC’s in the next Armored Core like this. That would add a whole new element to the play mechanics.

  • Eric Gray


  • Tetsuo Shima

    This is really great. Looks to me like the wings are from a Justice Gundam model kit, though I’m not sure which grade.

  • Anguiru344

    is’nt that Berlioz From Armired Core 4.