Nov 162009

No actual confirmation due to a media blackout by the government. The attacker is confirmed to be a quadruped AC with machine gun weapon arms. Its either Japan wants to use Makati as a weapons testing site, or that’s where all the government corruption money is going. I can see my house from there as well (kinda).

Thanks to J.E. Magog for finding this gem.

  • grog_magog

    If only the creator of the quad tried to finish what he'd started.

  • Sero

    GAGO!!! Astig! XD I agree… to bad it's short

  • Goat

    They should've tested it in Malacanang.

  • John

    paano po i download yung armoredcore for pc khit d on;line pwede n!! plss pki sabi nmn po!!!