Nov 122009
Armored Core X-Sobrero 01

A scratch built SOBRERO AC from Armored Core: For Answer created by maro2501 in FGsite. It take a lot of skill and determination to pull this one off. Just look at the back mount quad chain-guns, who knows how much time were spent on making those and there are 2 of them! More pictures of this model after the jump.

  • B-Mecha

    D: Amazing mecha! is it an air unit?

  • NiX

    I'm pretty sure it is. :D

    I can only imagine how much work this dude put into this. It looks really awesome. The paintjob looks a bit bland to me, though.

  • jobetski

    maybe it isn't painted yet.

  • grog_magog

    It's only primed. And it looks like the builder is planning to sell copies of it too. I just saw a box with a printed image of this thing already in color.

  • Thomas

    I wih they'd make this as a VI Kit.

  • Thomas

    Oh yeah it can walk in the game but is way better in the air.