Nov 032009
Armored Core: Cronus Custom VESTAL 001

Oh boy here we go again. From 507 the creator of the ever so beautiful Crest Heavy Fighting Type “Black Rain” comes another beast of an AC machine simply called VESTAL which is a (heavily) modified CRONUS model kit. In contrast to his previous creation, this one seems to be built for speed and flight. Read on for more pictures of this beautiful AC.

Another classic. Dual TAROS? I wanna be stabbed by that.

[via: 507’s site PROTO-UNIT]

  • Lord Leperman

    Looks like Stinger will make for a more awesome boss than Phantasma if he ever piloted this thing in MOA.

  • Goat


  • jobetski

    Delikado utot nyan, nanunundot. Not once, But TWICE! May Taros sa pwet.

  • Mix

    I wonder what the boost efficiency of those monstrous wings are. Hmm.

  • Sero

    Wicked! Now this is my type of AC XD

  • Anthony Palafox

    I like the pic with the sword and shield. She looks like a winged knight or a Valkyrie that way. Especially with the missiles on the wings.

  • iAmNewHere

    will he be selling this or something 'cause this is BADASS