Oct 112009
Armored Core Silent Line Portable Parts 01

The recently released screen shot of Silent Line Portable confirms the existence of 2 new parts: the legendary Green Rifle from Project Phantasma, and the BEX-AA00 armor extensions from Another Age. See the complete list of new parts for the upcoming game below:

HD-D-9066 (Head) from Armored Core Project Phantsasma
ZAN-202/TEM (Arms) from Armored Core 2
ZLF-A3/CARM (Quad legs) from Armored Core 2
LN-D-8000R (Biped legs) from Armored Core Project Phantasma
B-PT000 (Boosters) from Armored Core Project Phantasma
BEX-AA00 (Side Shields) from Armored Core 2 Another Age
WG-RFM118 (AKA the green rifle) from Armored Core Project Phantasma
WG-XP1000 (Pulse Rifle) from Armored Core
ZWG-AR/K (Machine gun) from Armored Core 2
KARASAWA-MK2 (Laser Rifle) from Armored Core 2

Armored Core Silent Line Portable for the PSP will be released on November 19, 2009 with a retail price of 3,990 yen.

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[via: Mecha Damashii]

  • http://ravenrepublic.net NiX

    Hahah, two previously broken weapons ported over! Yay? Hahah.

  • http://ravenrepublic.net/ Mix

    The green rifle was broken? I thought it was just really good for its weight, but not necessarily broken.

  • http://ravenrepublic.net NiX

    I believe it was broken in PP. Good weight, damage rate, ammo, accuracy, range, and even a WS lock type. But obviously, it wasn't as broken as Finger. And both got nerfed in MOA.

  • http://www.ravenrepublic.net Lord Leperman

    If you notice, the new green rifle stats are very comparable to the RF-160. Though I'm more curious about the XP1000, as it acted like a long range EN machine gun in AC1 despite being a pulse rifle.

  • jobetski

    used with the right FCS, it makes the lockbox as large as your tv screen…
    Konting tap lang lock on ka na. + fast firing rate and accuracy. Nerfed pagdating ng moa.