Sep 282009
Epic Flood

After a month’s worth of rain was poured over the course of a day, an unprepared Philippines was brought to an absolute standstill. Water levels rose too quickly, which flooded major highways, schools, hospitals, and pretty much everything else. In some areas, the flood was several stories high.

Even with the subsiding rain, the calamity has not yet passed, as several people are still stuck in their own homes in areas where the flood waters have yet to recede. Many don’t have homes to go back to. And some don’t have families to go back to.

But the worst has a way of bringing out the best, as shown by the relief drives and rescue efforts currently being undertaken. If the weather continues to be cooperative, things should be better by the middle of the week.

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  • Fox

    Even in the age of the Information Superhighway, it seems like the Filipino spirit is still as resilient as ever. Even the generations-old habit of “bayanihan” has reared up again, as everyone extends a helping hand in whatever way they can.