Sep 152009
Front Mission Evolved TGS

SquareEnix has just released another short trailer for the upcoming mech simulation/shooter Front Mission Evolved, which seems to be shaping up nicely. Despite no announcement of a release date, the trailers boldly show a simultaneous world-wide release of the title, the latest of which comes from the Tokyo Game Show 2009.

Incidentally, the Front Mission Evolved official website has received some updates in their character section, introducing 3 new characters who will be appearing in the game.

I am personally looking forward to this title at launch, and I sincerely hope they do get things right. News about AC seems to have dried up for the moment. And given that there are only a few mech-simulation games in the market, having another one besides AC can only be a good thing.

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  • NiX

    This is more AC-esque than AC4. -_-

  • J.E_Magog

    I’ve seen purists hating this.

  • Goat

    I can only hope this game isn’t purely for multiplayer gameplay (like Metal Gear Online), otherwise I’ll be forced to get this for the PS3.

  • Lord_Leperman

    Purists can have their own opinion, and they prolly should have said it louder when FMO was launched back in 2005, which seems to have identical gameplay to FM: Evolved. In fairness, FM Evolved seems to be much more action oriented that FMO, which may be the cause of the dislike for the new game.

  • J.E_Magog

    Double Helix is another cause of their uproar.

    Anyway, I definitely want to get my hands on this since I’m not really into the button mashing beat-them-up robot games.